For CRASSH, everything has a reason to produce sound and movement , as a result, everything that is produced reflects unique , funny and engaging sounds filled with a contagious energy . The show takes place anywhere, in a stationary or moving stage and it’s  suitable for all idades. Music is an immanent reality in everything, and because of this, from boots to buckets, sinks, tubes, helmets … everything is fit to create music.
CRASSHones is our main language used in known melodies
or original ones. The audience is carried  by an overflowing energy and humor. This is proved to be a show without barriers. The fun and surprise are guaranteed.
The CRASSH project is a production of We Tum Tum, a cultural association that promotes and drives forward the development of emerging artistic movements , directed by Bruno Estima.
CRASSH was recently winner of the “Audience Award” at the International Festival of Castilla y León Theatre – Spain …

The public is served by a contagious energy and incredible humor,  CRASSH interacts constantly with the audience it’s certainly a show that fits everyone …

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